{Ol’ Dirty Sundays at Crowbar}
<00:00-00:10 Tom DeGeorge
“The reason why people like to come here is for the music, like I said we do touring bands from all over the country and we’re considered one of Tampa’s best live music venues.>
TRT: 00:10
<00:10-00:49 Luisa Padro
“How’s it going my name is Artysta Lulu. My friends know me as Lulu. My art is currently on exhibit at the Wandering Eye Art Gallery in Centro Ybor.  I love supporting Ol’ Dirty Sundays every Sunday night at Crowbar.  I mean these people they support local artists just as myself.  I feel like Ybor City really is the best place for a Tampa artist to get their feet wet in that business in art.  Tampa’s actually one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and I believe that our art community should be growing right beside with it.  So, support local artists and support the local art community. Support Tampa art community, let’s put Tampa on the map.>
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<00:49-01:22 Tony Lima
“I’m Tony Lima on Facebook look it up. What I like to do here is spray paint art, and it was created in the sixties by a hippy Mexican so I decided to take it out into the streets of Ybor, and it’s all done with cans and brushes. I use a couple of brushes but it’s all spray paint. But I sell them back here. I make them on the spot. It takes me about, I can do one in three minutes, I can do one in ten minutes, I can do one in fifteen minutes. If you see something you like, I can do it in your colors. Spray paint cans, spray paint art and come check out Ol’ Dirty Sundays the hottest spot on Sundays.>
TRT: 00:33
<01:22-01:30 Background music and crowd cheering.
TRT: 00:08


Web Story:

Tampa, FL — There’s a venue in Ybor City that is providing an authentic hip-hop vibe to anyone stuck on the couch on a Sunday night. ­­

Crowbar brings in the four elements of true hip-hop: break dancing, graffiti, turntablism and they bring in hip-hop artists as well as touring bands into their establishment.

Local artists express their talents and showcase their works.

Luisa Padro also known as “Artysta Lulu” showcased her works of art at Ol’ Dirty Sundays and she stated, “Tampa’s actually one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and I believe that our art community should be growing right beside with it.” Padro wants Tampa to become a thriving art city.

Spray paint was Tony Lima’s preferred medium to produce his latest creations. Lima is a local artist in Tampa Bay, he set up his workspace and was creating new works of art all night which consisted of sea life, forests, sunsets and planets in the solar system.

Members from the Enigma Dance Kru that were featured on network television’s America’s Best Dance Crew were spinning, twisting, turning, and dancing upside down in front of a large crowd at Ol’ Dirty Sundays.

ODS is a place where people can express themselves and showcase their talents to others.

Crowbar is located at 1812 N 17th St.  in Ybor City.


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